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Powdered Permanent Brows

Permanent / Powdered - Ombre eyebrows applied with top-level Israeli-made equipment & high-class materials for a long-lasting & allure look.

$100 off  $490.00 


Lip Line (no shading or correction)

Lip line that does not need shading or lip line correction. A single session procedure, no perfection session included.

$50 off  $350.00 


Lips Enhancement for Men 

My lips enhancement procedure for men creates the effect of full and natural-looking lips. I offer a painless and long-lasting solution resulting in symmetrical & natural-looking lips.

$100 off $450.00  $350.00


About Beauty Magic   

 I am a licensed, educated, and insured Esthetician Artist. My passion for eyelash extensions permanent eyebrows and lips coloring & correction display through my devoted work and professionalism. I can do magic and turn your looks and winks into magical allure. My results are lasting.

   You can choose from many services that I offer and each will be performed on a top-model level. Come to see me Beauties!

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Yours truly, Marina